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The best telehealth & online tutoring platform just got better.

We are always looking for ways to make your online therapy, telehealth, or tutoring experience easier. In Blink, the default way to have a session is to add your client into the system first. They get a registration email and login to join all sessions. Because you add them to the system, you can also add appointments, notes, save white boards, recordings and other data about them. Plus, they can login and see content you shared with the. But, sometimes a session "link" is easier when you need to meet with someone for a quick connect.

With our new Join-by-Link feature every Blink staff user now has a personal meeting link. Need to meet with a non-client? Simply send them your join-by-LINK and you are notified when they request to join a session. Need to meet with multiple people this way? No problem, the same link will work for everyone in your meeting. Need to have a group session with a client and a join-by-Link person? Yes sir, it's all possible with Blink Session.

Blink Session - Join Session With

Blink Session - Join Session With

Making Integrations Easier

Last month we introduced our new API. This is enabling companies to integrate Blink Session into their websites and apps. With our new Join-by-Link feature, integrations have become that much easier.

Previously, in order for one of your clients/patients to join a session, you had to add them as a client in Blink Session. Then, you had to direct them to login to Blink or use single sign-on to join a session. Now, if you need the Blink Session schedule or save client data, all you need to do is direct clients/patients to the provider's (staff person's) join-by-LINK. It's that easy.


How many join-by-link sessions do I get? If you are on a plan with unlimited clients you also have unlimited join-by-link requests! If your organization is on a limited client plan, each staff user receives five accepted requests per month.


If you have any questions about how the join-by-link feature works, please let us know. We are here to help your organization succeed offering telehealth or tutoring online.