Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Minimum Bandwidth Required?

Blink Session video dynamically adjusts based on the strength of a your's and your client's/student's Internet connection. The faster and more stable the connection the better the video quality will be. If a bandwidth drops below a certain threshold, Blink Session will automatically drop the video and go into audio-only mode until the bandwidth needed for video resumes.

For a good connection, we recommend at least a 5mb download and 3mb upload speed. Keep in mind, if the Internet connection is being used by multiple devices at the same time, whatever bandwidth available will be split among them.


Do Clients/Students Have to Download Software to Use Blink Session?

Does The White Board Work With Touch Screens?

Yes, the white board is fully touch screen capable and works well on any touch screens including iPads or other tablets.

Are There Any Issues Using Blink Session Outside North America?

Does Blink Session Use/Require Flash?

Enterprise Services

What is "White Label" Under the Enterprise Plan?

White Label is part of our Enterprise services. With our white-labeling service, Blink Session will appear 100% as your company’s software. Colors, logo, domain name, emails, and other features all appear with your company branding creating a brand-seamless experience for your clients. This service is way beyond simplying allow your company to have its logo on the dashboard. It provides a truely brand-seamless experience for your clients or students. See our article What is White-Labeled Software.

Do You Offer a Branded Portal?

See the answer above for "What is White Label".

Do You Offer Customization

Blink Session is one of the only telehealth or online tutoring platforms to offer custom development service which bolts on seamlessly to our core software. Custom Modules is an Enterprise service of Blink Session. Check out our Enterprise to learn more.

Group Sessions

Can I Conduct Group Sessions?

Yes, group sessions are available in Blink Session and they are super easy to setup and connect. Checkout this video to see how easy:

How Many Student's Clients Can I Have in a Group Session?

Group Sessions can technically conducted with up to 100 clients/students, though we recommend not more than 10. Over 10 can be difficult to manage with everyone having the ability to talk. If you need to connect a session that is more of a presentation/class, we recommend looking at webinar solutions.

Invoices/Take Payments

How Do Invoices Work?

We have made invoices in Blink Session as flexible as possible. The only information required is charge, tax rate (if applicable), what the invoice is for, and due date. Once you create the invoice, we automatically email and notify your client within Blink Session. If you have setup to take card payments in Blink Session, they can pay invoices one or multiple at a time within Blink Session. Once an invoice is paid, we notify you and mark it paid.

Does Blink Session Charge For Credit Card Payments Made By Clients?

Can I Create and Submit Claims to Health Insurance Companies in Blink Session?


How Does the Notes/Documentation Feature Work?

The aim of Blink Session's documentation feature is to increases your productivity by enabling you to view previous and write new notes while you are in a session (or outside a session). Also, with Blink Session you can securely share notes with your clients/students so they appear for them on their dashboard. Further, if a new therapist/tutor takes over a client/student they have access to all previous notes. Because Blink Session is committed to flexibility, there are not templates or goal tracking tools specific to speech or other types of therapy like you would find in an EMR system.


Can I add Clients/Students I Don't See On line?

Yes, you can use Blink Session to manage all of your clients. They will get an email to create an account so they can see any appointments you've scheduled with them, their invoices, and make payments.

How Would I add A Student/Client?

When you add a client/student to Blink Session they are emailed an invitation to create an account which states that "your name" has invited you to join Blink Session. Once they register by adding a password, all they need to do is login to join sessions. If you utilize the schedule, Blink Session automatically sends them appointment reminders 24 hours before their appointment.

Can I Change the Video Size & Layout?

Blink Session has the most flexible, yet easy to use, layout of any telehealth or teletherapy platform. If you are using the white board, screen share, or resources, the video section can be resized completely to your liking. You can also choose completely full-screen video or hide-the white board/resource area for a video-focused layout.

Pricing Plans

Can I cancel anytime?

All regular Blink Session plans are month-to-month, cancel at any time. You will be able to use Blink Session through the end of the month you cancel in. The only plans that might not have the option to cancel anytime would be custom pricing where your organization has agreed to a specific price for a predetermined amount of time.


Can I Share Resources With Other Therapists/Teachers on My Team

Yes. Once you upload a resource (card set, Word Doc, PDF, PowerPoint, etc.), you can set it to be shared with others in your organization. They can go to the resource store and add the resource to their list with one just a few clicks. This is great if you have resources or documents you use across your organization.

How Many Resources Can I Upload / How Much Space do I Have?

Every document you upload to Blink Session you can download to your computer. Depending on the type, you can add and remove pages/cards, but you cannot edit the actual document as that would require the software you used to create it (Word, PowerPoint, etc.). If you make changes, you can always upload a fresh copy.

What Kind of Documents Can I Upload?

With Blink Session you can upload PDF, Word, and PowerPoint Files. You can also upload images (jpeg, png, bit) into card sets or to create a memory game. All files you upload are saved in your resource list and available to use in any session.

Once I Upload a Resource File, can I Edit or Download it?

Every document you upload to Blink Session you can download to your computer. Depending on the type, you can add and remove pages/cards, but you cannot edit the actual document as that would require the software you used to create it (Word, PowerPoint, etc.). If you make changes, you can always upload a fresh copy.

Can I Score Resources in a Session?

Yes, any resource you upload to Blink Session, or add from the resource store, can be scored. You can also save the score and add a note. Saved scores are attached to the client/student's record. Also, with on click, you can bring up all past saved scores for the client/student you are a session with. This makes it quick and easy to keep track of how your clients/students are doing on a specific resources (e.g. flash cards).

Does Blink Session Come With Resources?

Can I Upload Files to A Client's Record?

Yes! Blink Session allows you to upload any file to a client/student's record. You can also view uploaded files in a session. Plus, you can share files with your clients. Never worry about violating HIPAA or other security standards by emailing sensitive files, share them in Blink Session. Lastly, clients can upload files to share with you and all this can be done from the dashboard or during a session.

Check out this video showing how easy it is to upload/share/view files with your clients.


When and How are Automated Reminders Sent?

Blink Session sends appointment reminder emails 24 hours before your client's scheduled appointment. Reminder emails are sent to every client login that is linked to the client the appointment is for. For example, if mom and dad both have a login, they will both be an email reminder. If the client login is linked to multiple clients/students with appointments the next day, it will create an agenda of all the appointments for the next day. Appointment times in the reminder emails are based on the timezone you set for the client/student.

How Are Appointments Adjusted for Different Timezones?

Blink Session's schedule is designed make it easy to set appointments with clients/students in different timezones. When you login to Blink Session and your calendar loads, it will be displayed in the timezone you are currently located in, but you can select a different timezone to load it in.

When you create a appointment, you will see a note stating which timezone you are setting the time of the appointment in, but we will automatically convert the time when showing the appointment to your client who is in a different timezone.

Blink session also automatically converts your availability based on your timezone. This is create for team members who work in different timezone. If one therapist/tutor sets her availability in "Easter" time, and another team member in "Pacific" time is looking at her schedule, her availability will automatically be convert to Pacific timezone slots.

Who Has Access to My Schedule?

Therapists/teachers have access to any appointments on their schedule. Other therapists/teachers in your organization which have been granted the "Schedule Admin" permission may view, edit, and add to another's schedule. Client's see all their appointments on their dashboard.

Can I add Multiple Clients/Students to One Appointment?

Yes. Plus, each client/student on the appointment will be notify of the appointment time in their timezone, even if they are in different timezones!

Screen Share

Can I Share My Screen?

Yes, you can share your entire screen or chose an a particular application to share. When you share you screen with Blink Session, the screen-share video is placed behind the white-board enabling you to annotate on top of it. Plus, when you share your screen, your camera video does not appear as with other platforms (we do give you the ability turn off your camera video if you want to).

Can I Screen Share Apps From my iPad in a Session?

Many speech therapists utilize an iPad for in-person therapy. Thus, it's natural to wonder if the same technology can be used in a tele-session.

With most video conferring software, including Blink Session, it is possible to share your iPad screen through your computer. Even though this is possible, there are some important things to consider with any conferencing software: 1) Your client will not be able remote-control your iPad (view only), 2) You will need a very high-speed wifi router and computer with a top-end processor, 3) There might be other more reliable ways to provide the same experience the iPad app gives without it.

If I Share my Screen Can My Client/Student Control it?

Blink Session does have a screen-share feature and you can choose which application you want to share, but the student cannot control what you share. That feature is possible with "remote desktop" or "remote assistance" found in some video conferencing software.

We decided not to pursue this feature for four reasons: 1) The therapist and student would have to download software (Blink Session is 100% browser based making it super easy to get started), 2) There are security risks with allowing others to control your computer, 3) If the student is on a tablet, they wouldn't be able to mimic your mouse movement anyway, 4) Our goal is to provide built-in interactivity without having to use screen sharing.

Security & HIPAA

Is Blink Session HIPAA-Compliant?

What Security Measures Does Blink Session Take?

Does Blink Session Comply With GDRP?

Is Blink Session FERPA Compliant?


What Level of Support Do You Provide?

With Blink Session you will receive a very high level of help and support. Built into the core of our business is a commitment to see our customers succeed providing therapy or teaching online. For this reason, support isn't just a department at Blink Session. We have multiple ways for you to request help and usually respond within the hour if not sooner. For now, we guarantee support between 8am and 7pm (America Mountain time) Monday-Friday. Check our our reviews at Capterra to see the great marks form our users on support.

Also, check out our article: 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Evaluating Software Support

Waiting Room

How Does the Waiting Room Work?

When your clients join a session, we'll send you a notification and give you the ability to chat with them. That way, you can text chart them to Let them know if your in another session or will be late. The chat box will also give you a link to move to the session with them. This is great if you have clients/students back-to-back.

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