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Will Your Company Stand Out?

Blink Session Enterprise

At Blink Session we are committed to helping your company succeed offering services Online. How do you stand out Online? How do you create an amazing unique experience for your customers. For starters, you need more than software, you need a company like Blink Session behind you providing you the tools and knowhow to make your vision a reality. Our Enterprise services include White-Label, Custom Development, Consulting, and Training. We can also offer custom pricing to help your organization achieve a great technology ROI. And, our Enterprise services and pricing are available to companies with just 5 users.

White Label
A Brand-Seamless Experience for Your Clients

With our white-labeling service, Blink Session will appear 100% as your company’s software. This service is way beyond simply allow you to upload your logo. Colors, logo, domain name, emails, and other features all appear with your company branding creating a brand-seamless experience for your clients. Read our article: "What is White-Labeled Software".

Blink Session White Label

Custom Modules
Bolted On To Fit Your Organization's Unique Needs

The best of both worlds: The reliability of Blink Session's core software with custom bolt-on modules built for your company. Often, companies that need custom solutions look to build an entire platform from the ground up, but this typically ends up in lost money and unreliable software. Let us do the heavy lifting and long-term support with a custom function, feature, or connection to other software your company utilizes.

Blink Session Custom Modules

API & Single Sign-On
Cutting edge goes way beyond what you see

The Blink Session API is a RESTful web service. To obtain the full documentation for our API and SSO, in order to review for your project, please send an email to info@blinksession.com

We use the term "Enterprise" to describe our Single Sign-On system because it allows you to create a full sign-on integration with your application. With the majority of SSO use cases, each user must sign-up for the other application and authorize SSO from your platform. With the Blink SSO service turned on, you will have the ability to seamlessly login users to Blink Session. Plus, if you utilize our White Label service, your customers won't know they have even left your ecosystem.

Research and Insight Critical to Your Telehealth or Teletherapy Business

Will your telehealth plan generate the returns you expect? Working with countless teletherapy and telehealth companies has given us valuable insight it to what is working. The market potential of Online therapy and telehealth is massive, but a strategic operations and marketing plan is critical. Our consulting service includes a review of your plan, research, and recommendations to help your company succeed.

Custom Training for Your Teletherapist or Online Tutors

Chances are, the therapist or tutors on your team have no training or education in how to treat or teach Online. In addition, most likely they have vastly different levels of technical knowledge critical to succeeding as an Online teacher or therapist. We can design training which will give your staff competence in using Blink Session as well as pedagogical, technological, and practical aspects of working Online.

Blink Session Training

Custom Pricing
Pricing Structured to Fit Your Situation

We help companies achieve a high ROI not only through great software, but through pricing that fits their situation. Have 30 therapist that will treat Online only 5 hours a week? Maye you have 100 full-time tutors or 1,000 that teach as needed. Whatever the situation, we will work with you to determine a pricing structure that fits how and how much your company will use Blink Session

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