Scheduling & HomeworkBuilt for Telehealth

You need a scheduling system built around the challenges of telehealth, plus an amazing homework system

Timezone Neutral Schedule

Timezones are the biggest challenge of telehealth. With Blink Session's scheduling system, your Timezone headaches are a thing of the past. Set an appoitment in any timezone and we will automatically convert to the right time for the timezone your clients are in.

Color Coded and Marked

With Blink, your schedule becomes the color-coded go-to place your providers go to know what's coming and what they need to do. Appoitment are color coded based on: status, whether the online session actually occured, if a note was written, and more.

Seamless Homwork

We all know how important practice is, but are you making it easy for your clients or students? Blink Session's homework feature makes the transition from visit to practice seamless.

1. Open a client's file and create a new homework assignment.
2. Add instructions and a due date if you wish.
3. Attach anything from your resource list (Interactive Boards, PDFs, MP3s, YouTube...) or, any file you've uploaded for the client.
4. Save and your client is notified by email and in-app.
5. Your client views homework with all attachments within their Blink dashboard (computer, tablet, and phones supported).
6. Client adds uploads and attach files and or add notes before submitting.
7. You review and can assign a grade and or feedback.
In just a few clicks, you make it easy for your students to practice, and ultimately excel.

Patient Self-Scheduling

Scheduling appointments is time-consuming and frustrating. In Blink, your patients and clients can choose from your provider's available appointment slots in the same place they login to have online sessions.

Appointment Reminders

Improve attendance with automated reminders (Text & Email). Our reminders also automatically convert appointment times to your client's timezone. Plus, our reminders are smart - if there are more than one client linked to the person being reminded (mom, dad, etc.), we send one email with all appointments for the next day. Email reminders are sent 24 hours before and SMS, one hour.

Security & Compliance

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