Blink Session API

Integrate Blink Into Your Company's Technology


Our API gives software developers the power to build integrations between their company's technology and Blink Session. In addition, our Single Sign on Service (SSO), gives developers the power to pragmatically login users to the Blink platform, reducing how many credentials users need to keep up with.

How Companies Might Leverage Our API and SSO

Some Scenarios

1) Radical EMR software company wants to add a telehealth component to their EMR (electronic medical records) software. Their customers are medical providers who already login to their system to schedule, document, and create insurance claims. Instead of building their own (expensive) telehealth platform, they turn to Blink Session. They utilize the Single Sign-On system to automatically login their customers to Blink from their platform. They utilize the API to add clients (patients), appointments, and other data. They are also able to link providers and patients directly to telehealth visits in Blink Session from their platform.

2) Awesome Therapy Services is developing a website where potential customers look for and receive therapy services. Their web developers build the public-facing website and directory of therapists, but need a platform to conduct the online sessions. Awesome Therapy Services signs up with Blink Session and utilizes the API to automatically add clients and other data from their website to Blink Session. They also utilize our "White Label" service. Then, when one of Awesome Therapy Services' customers signs up on their website, their data is automatically sent to Blink Session.

API & SSO Documentation

The Blink Session API is a RESTful web service. We use the term "Enterprise" to describe our Single Sign-On system because it allows you to create a full sign-on integration with your application. To read through the documentation click below.

API & SSO Documentation

How to Gain Access to Use the API?

To utilize the Blink Session API & SSO services, you first need a subscription on the Advanced Tier. Your first step would be to schedule a Consultation to learn more.