Amazing Online Sessions

Go beyond re-purposed video conferencing software, to a platform actually designed for what you do

Get Online in Seconds

Blink Session works 100% browser based with no software or plugins to install. We do have Andriod and iOS web apps, but we are also focused on how long it takes for your patients to get going. Click to start a session and you are ready to go.

Waiting Room

Are you stuck using re-purposed video conferencing software with only one "room"? With Blink, your clients can join a session before you are ready or if you are in another session. If they do, we will notify you they've joined and give you the option to send a quick chat message saying you'll be late. If you want to add them to your current group session, it only takes one click.

Group Sessions

Blink Session provides the easiest way to setup and run a multi-client session, period. Conduct group sessions with an unlimited number of patients, other providers, and guests all at the same time. Take notes and give control to each, and so much more.

Secure Cloud Recording

Blink Session is one of the only platform which gives you the ability to record sessions to our cloud secure storage. Stop storing sensitive session recordings on your computer. Plus, share recordings to client's via their dashboard and review recordings during another session! Learn more about our HIPAA-Compliant Recording Feature Here.

Join by Link or Client Portal

Blink makes it super easy for your clients to join sessions. If you are on a plan with "Client Portal", they simply login to their account and click Start Session. It's that easy.

You can also use the Join by Link option. Each provider (staff) user is assigned a unique JOIN-by-Link. No wasted time and confusing with a different link for every session. With Blink, your link never changes. All you need to do is give your clients that link, or even better, add it as the "location" in your calendar app or put it somewhere else easy to find.

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