Compliance & Security

You need a telehealth platform which helps your organization stay secure and compliant, whether HIPAA, GDR, or FERPA.


When you think telehealth security, you probably first think of video, but it is only one of many important aspects. Your company is responsible to control access to patients names, contact information, and medical records. With Blink, ensure privacy and security with our versatile permissions system. With Blink Session, easily restrict or grant your staff and providers access to specific functions, information, and clients.

Flexible Client Logins

Blink is built around real-world situations. We knew, there would be many situations where the person receiving treatment would not be the person logging in. Maybe a child or student who is too young to have an email address, or an adult in a skilled nursing facility. Blink Session's flexible "Client Logins" functionality just makes sense. Create a login for each parent, medical assistant, or teacher. Assign multiple patients to a one login. Have multiple providers treating one patients? No problem, assign the patient to both.

HIPAA Compliant

Your online sessions and data are secure. Our software exceeds HIPPA requirements and if you need it, we will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with you. At Blink, we are committed to not only delivering HIPAA-compliant software. We want to make it easy for your company's use of our platform to be compliant.

HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

Using email to send and receive sensitive patient information is a violation of HIPAA and many other security standards. Blink Session's in-app messaging makes it easy to communicate with your clients and staff without having to worry about violating HIPAA email rules. Plus, you and your clients can upload documents to share with another right within the platform.


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