Biggest Upgrade in 3 Years

By: Blink Session

Blink Session's biggest upgrade in three years is here.


A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Coming up on our five year anniversary, we thought Blink Session needed the same. We hope you like the new look.

iOS and Android Web Apps

Use Blink as an app on any Android device, iPad, or iPhone. Simply go to (or white-label equivalent) from an Android or iOS device and click the app button at the top.

Add Therapy Resources Faster

The time it takes to do something is important. That's why we have cut the time it takes to add resources to your library by 75%. Plus, now you do it from anywhere without leaving the page you are on.

Delete & Tag Resources from your Resource List

With Blink Session, tagging makes finding resources a breeze, but adding them wasn't as fast as we liked. Now, add and edit tags right form your resource list. Plus, now you can delete resources super fast right from your resource list.

Attendance Report

Attendance is key to progress, but keeping track of it can be a pain. If you use our schedule system and set the status of each appointment, head over to the "Reports" page. There you'll see a new Attendance report.

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