Start Using Blink Now with the Blink Go Plan

By: Blink Session

Today, March 4, 20201, we are pleased to announce our new subscription plan: Blink Go.

12 months ago, teletherapy went from fringe to a necessity overnight. Today, teletherapy is accepted and preferred by more patients, students, and parents than ever.

But, there is a problem: Most speech, OT, PT, ABA, and other therapists are still using regular video conferencing software or an inadequate telehealth video feature built into their EMR.

We are not okay with that. Speech, OT, PT, ABA... therapy teletherapy is more than a video chat. Therapists should not be stuck using screen share to do anything interactive.

Blink Session's teletherapy platform represents the future. We want to make that future available to every therapist.

With the Blink Go plan, therapists can sign up now with their first 7 days free. Features included represent the core of what makes our technology unique.

Leave the old way behind