PresenceLearning Ordered to Pay Super Duper $3.25 Million in Damages

By: Blink Session

Yes, there are penalties for theft of digital speech therapy resources. I have been singing this tune for years, since I first started building Blink Session in 2016, but today is my proverbial, "I told you so", moment. Today:

"A federal court in New York City has ordered pay educational publisher Super Duper Publications $3.25 million in damages and attorneys’ well as to remove hundreds of Super Duper’s copyrighted works from PresenceLearning’s online platform..."

For years, we at Blink Session, have been telling therapy clinics, staffing agencies, and schools that they must not blindly copy digital therapy materials. The practice is ubiquitous. In this case, Super Duper has the resources to purse litigation, and PresenceLearning has outside funding to pay. Still, this doesn't mean your small staffing firm or clinic are immune.

Sharing digital resources, say you bought for yourself on Teachers Pay Teachers, on a shared drive, like Dropbox is theft. It's pretty simple.

This is why, in the Blink Session system, we require users to submit proof they purchased a multi-user license before they are allowed to share digital resources. What's crazy is, we are the only teletherapy platform which requires this. In other platforms, therapists are all but encouraged to upload and share resources, without any concern for copyright.

Read my article on this topic from a few years back: You Might be Stealing.

Read the Super Duper press release.