Blink Session Partners with Super Duper to Serve the Growing Teletherapy Market

By: Blink Session


Colorado Springs, CO, Sep. 23, 2019, Blink Session and Super Duper Publications today announced their partnership to equip teletherapists with resources to treat online. Super Duper is the industry leader in learning materials for children with special needs and language delays. Their products are the go-to for speech pathologists, but missing was a way to use them in teletherapy. Blink Session provides a unique telehealth platform designed for speech, occupational, physical, and autism therapies. With Blink Session's platform and digital resource store, Super Duper is now able to provide the go-to resources therapists need to treat online.

The global market for telehealth is forecast to surpass US$ 103 billion by 20261, but online doctor visits will not account for the fastest growth. Today, in most cities, the demand for speech, occupational, and mental health therapists far exceeds the supply. Schools particularly struggle to find qualified therapists. In addition, the growth of online-based education is providing another avenue for therapists to treat online.

Today though, teletherapy companies lack the technology they need to achieve therapy goals online. Many look to video conferencing software designed for business meetings. Some build expensive and unmaintainable proprietary technology. Blink Session identified this problem and built a solution that is revolutionizing the way teletherapy companies treat and operate.

Learning and therapy materials are vital to therapy. Children, and adults, need games, flash cards, and other activities which help achieve therapy goals and keep attention. The problem: most materials are physical or were designed to be used on a tablet in person. Blink Session thus set to build a video conferencing system with tools, including materials, built in, along with many other features teletherapy companies need.

Blink Session's goal is to focus on the technology, and thus looked to industry leader, Super Duper, to supply time-tested resources. Super Duper and Blink Session have worked together to convert games, flash cards, and other activities to work seamlessly within the platform. To receive a demo of the Blink Session platform together with Super Resources, go to the Blink Session website.

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About Super Duper

Super Duper Publications, Greenville, SC, was founded by Thomas and Sharon Webber in 1986. Creator of the research-based HEARBUILDER Online Foundational Literacy Program, Super Duper has created 1,500+ supplemental educational materials for PreK-12 students, with an emphasis on helping special needs, speech and language delayed, autistic, learning disabled, and ESL/ELL/bilingual children. Its unique product line includes educational fun decks, games, reproducible worksheets, apps, software, awards, motivators, assessments, supplies and equipment.

About Blink Session

Blink Session, Colorado Springs, CO, is a software-as-a-service company which provides a teletherapy platform built from the ground up for speech, occupational, physical, and ABA therapy. They also provide enterprise services such as custom models and while-labeling.


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