TeleResource Exchange is Here

By: Blink Session

A Tele-Resource Marketplace for Everyone

We are pleased to announced the launch of TeleResource Exchange. Having served thousands of tele-providers, we have seen how important it is to have resources created, or altered, for teletherapy. We are inspired by so many creators who are ambitious to meet this need.

If you've used Blink Session, you know we've always had an integrated resource store. Now our store is open to all under TeleResource Exchange.

Free and Low Cost Resources

Go to TeleResource Exchange now to create a free account and grab 20+ free resources available now (more coming). Plus, many more low cost downloadable resources. And, unlike other resource exchanges, we review every product for quality before allowing it to be sold.

Low Seller Fees

We feel, resource creators should be rewarded for their time and creativity. Sellers are you tired of the high, and hidden fees of TPT. We pay sellers 90% if the purchase is by a Blink user, and 80% a TeleResource Exchange customer. No seller membership, paypal, or any other fees. Plus, we offer a digital on-boarding to train sellers how to make amazing tele-resources.

Learn About Becoming a Seller