Are Your School Therapists Ready for Teletherapy?

By: Blink Session

Blink Session is the leading teletherapy platform, plus training. Why trust a company that just started selling teletherapy technology since COVID? At Blink, we have been here all along helping schools years before COVID-19. Find out how we help school therapists provide amazing telethearpy to students, without breaking your budget.

Teletherapy Platform

Blink Session goes beyond video-conferencing to an all-inclusive platform built around your school's teletherapy operation. White-board, videos, games, documents, HIPAA & FERPA compliant, recording, schedule, reminders, document, sharing files, and advanced reporting and tracking. All of this and more in a user-friendly platform that runs completely in your web browser.

Professional Development

COVID taught all of us that teletherapy isn't easy. Even if therapists can get connected to students, how do they actually achieve therapy goals online?, the training and consulting division of Blink Session, exists to help your school provide excellent teletherapy services.


We know how important assessments are to therapy - we were founded by an SLP. Our trainers know how to navigate teletherapy assessment complexity. They will guide your team in how to do it effectively without violating publisher terms and copyright.

Built for You - at an Affordable Price

Unlike other companies, that really want to sell you staffing services, we only sell our technology and training. And, we do it at an affordable price. Our platform was built, from the ground-up for schools, clinics, and telehealth companies. We have always, and will always exist to provide your school the tech and training you need to help students online.

Get Started in Days

You know you need more than video conferencing but are in a time crunch. No problem, we can set you up with our platform and training in a matter of days. Sign up for a consultation to get the conversation started.

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