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Stop jump through hoops to use screen share for everything. With Blink, upload your own resources or pull from our amazing catalog.

Teletherapy Resource Store

Are you providing speech, OT, or another therapy online? The average teletherapist, using re-purposed video conferencing software, wastes 3-5 hours a week preparing resources and activities. With Blink, take from our "TeleResource Exchange" or upload your own. Flash cards (use one at a time, as moveable images, or a matching game), PDFs , Word Documents , PowerPoint , Videos , or Create an Interactive Game Board.

Check out TeleResource Exchange for resources you can use seamlessly in Blink Session.

Store & Share Resource

Store all your resources in the cloud and bring them instantly into your sessions! Add resources from the Blink Session resource catalog or upload your own. Upload videos and play them in or out of sessions, images to show one at a time or create flash cards or matching games, PDFs, Word Documents, or PowerPoints. Plus, share any resources you have uploaded with other staff in your organization.

Simultaneous Video, Audio, & YouTube Viewing

With typical video conferencing software, you must use screen share to show anything, including videos and audio. Not with Blink. Blink Session is one of the only platform with the ability to simultaneously view YouTube videos, uploaded videos, and audio play lists without the need to use screen share. Save YouTuve videos to your resource list ahead of time or add on the fly in a session. Upload your own video and audio files to play in sessions. You, the provider, control play, pause, and so on.

Google Docs Integration

Use your Google Docs, Sheets, and Drawings right in a session without screen share. This makes it super easy to interact with your clients. Save to your resources or bring in with Quick Load.

See more about our Google Docs Integration

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