Become a Blink Session Partner


Affiliates are an important part of spreading Blink Session to providers, companies, and organizations who might benefit from our services. An affiliate owns or represent a business, website or other promotional platform that has some connection to the services offered by Blink Session. In exchange for promoting, affiliates receive commissions when the people they linked to Blink Session purchase.

Send us an email at to see if you qualify to be a Blink Session affiliate.

Resource Store Seller

Blink Session's resource store gives creators of teletherapy materials and online education resources a place to sell, without having to worry about copyright infringement and theft. Learn More

Integration Partner

Utilize our API or allow us to build custom integrations with your EMR, EHR, calendar, or other system to drive customers both ways and provide them added value.

Send us an email at to setup a meeting and learn more about becoming an integration partner.