3 Ways To Use Your Card Sets

By: Blink Session

At Blink, we make it easy for you to create interactive online sessions for your clients or students without having to use external sites or software. If you have used Blink, you probably know we have "Card Set" and "Matching Game" resource types. Now, we have combined these to give you 3 ways to use cards sets!

Now, ALL of your card sets, including Super Duper Decks, can be used: 1) One at a time
2) As movable cards which you or your clients can move around the whiteboard!
3) Made into a matching game. Plus, matching games can now be played in your group sessions.

Did you know there are currently 107 Card Sets in the Blink Session Catalog, including 9 free? Make sure you grab the following free Super Duper resources before they are gone:

Ask And Answer "Who" Cards (Cards)
TH, F, V Worksheets - Webber Jumbo Artic Drill Book Vol 1 (PDF)

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