The Average Teletherapist Loses $500

By: Blink Session

The average teletherapist wastes 3-5 hours a week looking for and setting up resources and activities. The average teletherapist makes $30-$60 an hour. That is $300-$1,000 in wasted time per month! Can you or your company afford to lose that much?

At Blink we save teletherapists countless hours. How do we do it? We build interactive resources and tools right into the platform. No more struggling to adapt outside resources and websites for teletherapy.

We are excited to announce a new tool - movable cards for tasks like sequencing.

Now, ALL of your card decks can be used as movable cards which you or your clients can move around the whiteboard! Upload your own cards or take from the 104 card decks (and counting) we have in our resource catalog.

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