Blink Session Widgets

By: Blink Session

When kids open presents, you better have scissors ready to go. It's no time to be pulling the old - ripping open a package with your teeth trick. Right tool for the right job.

At Blink, we've always said: teletherapy isn't a business meeting. It requires tools and resources regular video conferencing software just doesn't care about. Today, many therapists and other providers are proverbially using their teeth open packages during online sessions. They are forced to use screen share to do anything interactive, but at Blink we are continuing to provide more tools for our users built right in.

Blink Widgets - a new feature of Blink Session - provides common interactive tools you would use in teletherapy or teaching, right in the platform. Current widgets are a customizable Spinner, Dice, Timer & Stopwatch, and Sound Bank. More widgets to come this year.