Amazing Online Sessions

Go beyond re-purposed video conferencing software, to a platform which empower you to create interactive and life-changing telehealth sessions.

Group Sessions

Blink Session provides the easiest way to setup and run a multi-client session, period. Conduct group sessions with an unlimited number of patients, other providers, and guests all at the same time. Take notes and give control to each, and so much more.

Waiting Room

Are you stuck using re-purposed video conferencing software with only one "room"? With Blink, your clients can join a session before you are ready or if you are in another session. If they do, we will notify you they've joined and give you the option to send a quick chat message saying you'll be late. If you want to add them to your current group session, it only takes one click.

Telehealth Resource Store

Are you providing speech, OT, or another therapy online? The average teletherapist, using re-purposed video conferencing software, wastes 3-5 hours a week preparing resources and activities. With Blink, take from the built-in resource store or upload your own. Flash cards (use one at a time, as moveable images, or a matching game), PDFs , Word Documents , PowerPoint , Videos , or Create an Interactive Game Board. Check out Resource Store Preview, including resources from Super Duper , , Speech Sounds Visualized , and others.

Interactive Board & Tools

With Blink Session, the ability to create interactive, goal-reaching, and fun sessions is built in. Leave screen-sharing behind. The custom-designed white board allows you to point, draw, type, and use more than 4,800 built-in movable icons (emojis). Use the white board on top of any of your resources (card sets, pdfs, etc.), screen share, or even videos, or you can use it by itself. We even give you the power to control which clients or students in your session can draw. And the best feature: save and load saved boards securly from the cloud. On top of that, bring up a spinner and game sounds to increase the fun with your younger clients.

Google Docs Integration

Use your Google Docs, Sheets, and Drawings right in a session without screen share. This makes it super easy to interact with your clients. Save to your resources or bring in with Quick Load.

See more about our Google Docs Integration


Blink Widgets provide common interactive tools you would use in providing care or teaching, right in the platform. No need to search for something you can repose through screen share. Everything at your figure tips. Included are a customizable Spinner, Dice, Timer, Stopwatch, Sound Bank and more!

Store & Share Resource

Store all your resources in the cloud and bring them instantly into your sessions! Add resources from the Blink Session resource catalog or upload your own. Upload videos and play them in or out of sessions, images to show one at a time or create flash cards or matching games, PDFs, Word Documents, or PowerPoints. Plus, share any resources you have uploaded with other staff in your organization.

No Software to Download

Stop requiring your patients to download yet another app. Blink Session is 100% browser based with no software or plugins to install. Click to start a session and you are ready to go. Plus, use Blink Session on any computer with a mic and camera, tablet, or mobile phone.

Secure Cloud Recording

Blink Session is one of the only platform which gives you the ability to record sessions to our cloud secure storage. Stop storing sensitive session recordings on your computer. Plus, share recordings to client's via their dashboard and review recordings during another session! Learn more about our HIPAA-Compliant Recording Feature Here.

Simultaneous YouTube Viewing

Blink Session is one of the only platform with the ability to simultaneously view YouTube videos without the need to use screen share. Save videos to your resource list ahead of time or add on the fly in a session. You, the provider, control play, pause, and so on. Plus, score and save how well your client did watching/interacting with a video.

Document or Second Camera

With Blink Session, you can even set your document camera (or simply an extra camera) as the background to the white board. And, when you use your document camera, your webcam video does not disappear. They can draw, point and type on top. Plus, your clients can use a document camera too. This is also great if you are using Blink to observe a larger room and need the view from a second camera.

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