Document & Share

Write notes, share files, and messages your patients right from the same window.

In-Session Documentation

No need to switch between windows or use paper to keep up with your documentation. Blink Session increases your productivity with in-session documentation for your SOAP notes. Notes can also be viewed, edited and added outside of a session.

In-Session Doc Archive

How will you remember what you did with a student last time? With Blink Session every client note, resource score, and goal is available while you are in a session. Even if another therapist wrote the note, everything will be available to you with one click.

Goal Tracking

Keeping track of goals is an important part of therapy and tutoring. Set, update, and view goals in and out of sessions. Plus, share goals to your client's dashboard so they can keep track of their progress.

Scoring Module

No need for sticky notes, Blink Session allows you to score every resource you bring into a session. Scores can be saved and you can also add a note! Previous scores can be accessed with one click and by any therapists with access to the client/student.

Upload Client Files

Upload any file to a client/student's record , view them in a session, and share them with your clients. Stop emailing sensitive files, share them in Blink Session. Plus, clients can upload files to share with you.

HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

Using email to send and receive sensitive patient information is a violation of HIPAA and many other security standards. Blink Session's in-app messaging makes it easy to communicate with your clients and staff without having to worry about violating HIPAA email rules. Plus, you and your clients can upload documents to share with another right within the platform.


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