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By: Blink Session

New Features March, 2021

Audio Resource

Playing audio (music, etc) in video conference can be a pain, but not with Blink. With Blink, you can already add 10 ten different resource types, and now we have added an eleventh: audio Resources. When you load an audio resource in a session, it loads as a box you can move around the screen -- so you can have it open with other resources at the same time. The actual audio is sent in a separate audio stream to clients on the session, so it's not using your mic at all.

Volume Meter and Sound Suppression Toggle Widget

For all you voice therapists, we have an exciting new widget. The volume meter will show the relative volume of each session participant. Plus, you can toggle sound suppression on/off. By default, video conference platforms set microphones to suppress echoes and background noise. This suppression will cause sustained sounds (e.g. "ah...") to be perceived as a background noise, and thus be suppressed. Blink is now the only platform that lets you toggle this suppression during a session for you and your clients!

Control Whiteboard Tools of Everyone in a Session

With Blink, the therapist (provider, teacher), has complete control of what their client sees and can do. This means, less wasted time trying to teach patients or students how to use the platform. Now, therapists can control which tool everyone in a group session is using, and or see which they are using!

This might seem minor, but when you are talking about trying to achieve a goal in a 25 min session, not having to teach your client how to use the whiteboard tools is a big deal.