Leave Screen Share Behind - Interactive Board Creator

By: Blink Session

Speech, OT, PT, ABA.. teletherapy is more than a video chat. You must have something for you and your clients to interact over. Unfortunately, even after a pandemic which shifted the therapy world online, many therapists are stuck in the past using Zoom and screen sharing activities.

Blink Session is one of only two interactive teletherapy platforms built from the ground-up. And, Blink is the only teletherapy platform with tools for you to create amazing interactive resources which do not rely on screen share.

It's time for SLPs, OTs, PTs, ABA, and others to take seriously the effectiveness of their online therapy. The tools you use matter. Are you content using the cheapest tools and just getting by? Therapy clients and students deserve software that makes receiving their therapy easier and more effective. That's why we exist at Blink Session, and why we've been working hard to bring you this amazing new tool. Check it out.

  • Create "Interactive Boards" from PDFs, Word, PPT, or your own images
  • Add movable icons
  • Add answer and text boxes
  • Add multi-choice questions and sounds
  • and more!

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