Text Reminders & Notifications are Here

By: Blink Session

Attendance is one of the biggest frustrations of therapy and health providers. At Blink Session, we are here to help. Today we launched text (SMS) reminders, but we didn't stop there. We also added a notification preferences system, allowing you and your clients to control what they get and where they get it.

Clients can choose to receive appointment reminders, message, invoice, and homework notifications via email, text, or both. Email appointment reminders are still sent 24 hours before, but text one hour to make sure clients don't forget last minute.

And the best part, text reminders and notifications are included in all plans at no additional cost! If you're on the Blink Go plan, now is a great time to upgrade to use this and many other features to run your business.

The Details

**Currently, text reminders are only available for organizations and clients in the U.S. or Canada.


At launch, we set every client's notification preferences to receive all email notifications. If you or they wish to receive text (SMS) reminders, they will need to select those:

Clients can change their notification preferences by clicking "My Account" at the top right.

Staff users can change a client's notification preference by going to, "Logins for Clients", then clicking on the client login to edit.

How do Appointment Reminders Work?

First, appointment reminder emails and text are only sent if the organization has that feature turned on.

Second, reminders are only sent if the user (login) has appointment notifications turned on (email, text).

Third, reminders are only sent for appointments with status = "Scheduled".

Email reminders are sent 24 hours before appointments.

Text (sms) reminders are sent approximately one hour before each appointment.


Clients who have email or text notifications for messages on will receive one when they receive a new message.


Clients who have email or text notifications for homework on will receive one when new homework is added, or a staff user edits/deletes homework and marks to notify them.


Clients who have email or text notifications for invoices on will receive one when they are issued a new invoice.

Other Info

If your organization has, for example, the invoice feature toggled off, the notification options for invoices will not appear. This way, users are not confused.

The address of your organization in Blink Session must be U.S. or Canada for text (sms) notification to be attempted.

If the client's phone number is less or more than 10 digits, the text (sms) notification will not be attempted.

An unsubscribe instruction is added to every text. Recipients can reply "STOP" to halt all texts. To turn all text notifications back on, they can reply with 'UNSTOP'.