Can I Screen Share Apps From my iPad in a Session?

Frequently Asked Questions

Many speech, and some other, therapists utilize an iPad for in-person therapy. Thus, it's natural to wonder if the same technology can be used in a tele-session.

First off, there are things you CAN do with Blink Session, or any video conferencing software, but that does not mean we or they necessarily support or advise you do it. We recommend therapists consider the best way to do therapy online in terms of what will be reliable. Plus, we recommend using tools designed for teletherapy and not try to come up with a complicated way to utilize tools you use in person.

Accessing your iPad from your computer is possible with third-party apps like Splash Top, but even Apple does not support this because they design iPads to be used in person on the device it self. They don't want people to be able to use iOS apps on a desktop computer because then they wouldn't buy iPads. Showing your iPad's screen through your computer to a person on a video call is two steps beyond what they were designed for, and requires a lot of things to go right for it to work right.

Also, one of the main reasons we founded Blink Session is so therapists did not have to rely on screen share and iPad apps. Our "resources" section has many resources you can use right away and you can add your own and share them with your company. You can also play youtube videos and upload your own videos. We have worked with thousands of virtual therapists and have learned, those that keep it simple and use what Blink has to offer, end up a lot less frustrated.

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