How do People Join Sessions or Meetings?

Frequently Asked Questions

In Blink, the default way to have a session is to add your client into the system first. They get a registration email and login to join all sessions. Because you add them to the system, you can also add appointments, notes, save white boards, recordings and other data about them. Plus, they can login and see content you shared with the. But, sometimes a session "link" is easier when you need to meet with someone for a quick connect.

With our Join-by-Link feature every Blink staff user has a personal meeting link. Need to meet with a non-client? Simply send them your join-by-LINK and you are notified when they request to join a session. Need to meet with multiple people this way? No problem, the same link will work for everyone in your meeting. Need to have a group session with a client and a join-by-Link person? Yes sir, it's all possible with Blink Session.

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