Expanding The Possibilities - New API and Single Sign-On Services From Blink Session

By: Blink Session

The average person regularly uses more than 40 apps on their phone. Why so many? It is simple, you don't expect to play Candy Crush on the same app you check your email. When it comes to business, no one piece of software will do everything your company needs, but what if they could talk to each other?

At Blink Session, we aim to provide cutting-edge user-friendly software. Today though, cutting edge goes way beyond what you see. It also includes the ability to integrate with other software or websites. This is why we have been working hard to make a new API and Single Sign-On system available to our Advanced and Enterprise tier customers.

What is an API?

API stands for application programing interface. Essentially, it is a set of instructions and tools a software developer can use to do things like automatically add clients in your Blink Session account from a form on your website.

What is Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-On (SSO) gives another platform or software the ability to automatically sign you in to Blink Session. Have you ever signed up for a website account with your Facebook account? That is SSO.

How Companies Might Leverage Our API and SSO

Some Scenarios:

1) Radical EMR software company wants to add a telehealth component to their EMR (electronic medical records) software. Their customers are medical providers who already login to their system to schedule, document, and create insurance claims. Instead of building their own (expensive) telehealth platform, they turn to Blink Session. They utilize the Single Sign-On system to automatically login their customers to Blink from their platform. They utilize the API to add clients (patients), appointments, and other data. They are also able to link providers and patients directly to telehealth visits in Blink Session from their platform.

2) Awesome Online Tutoring is developing a website where potential customers look for and receive tutoring. They have web developers build the public-facing website and directory of tutors, but need a platform to conduct the online tutoring sessions. Awesome Online Tutoring signs up with Blink Session and utilizes the API to automatically add clients and other data from their website to Blink Session. They also utilize our "White Label" service. Then, when one of Awesome Online Tutoring's customers signs up on their website, their data is automatically sent to Blink Session.

The Nerdy Stuff

The Blink Session API is a RESTful web service. To obtain the full API and SSO documentation, please send an email to info@blinksession.com. Or, if you are a current customer, you can find it under Organization Settings.

We use the term "Enterprise" to describe our Single Sign-On system because it allows you to create a full sign-on integration with your application. The majority of SSO service use cases outside of Blink require each user to sign-up for the other application and authorize SSO from your platform. With the Blink SSO service turned on, you will have the ability to seamlessly login users to Blink Session without requiring your individual users to signup or authorize. Plus, if you utilize our White Label service, your clients will not know they have even left your ecosystem.

Let's Chat

You might have some questions about the Blink API or SSO, and we are hear to help. To schedule a time to talk, head over to our Demo page and sign up.