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Organize Everything From One Place


Set availability, recurring appointments, and schedule for other therapists/teachers. Your schedule also marks sessions and notes you've completed. Plus, every appointment is converted to the right time for the timezone your clients.

Appointment Reminders

Improve student attendance with automated appointment reminders. Our appointment reminders also automatically convert appointment times to your student's timezone.

Resource Store

Flash cards, PDFs , Word Documents , PowerPoint , Matching Games; they all work seamlessly in Blink Session. Take from the built-in resource store or upload your own resources. Also, sell and share among others in your organization!

Invoices & Payments

Create an invoice, we notify your client, they pay online. With our easy invoicing and payment system your clients can receive your services and pay in the same places making it simple and seamless.

Flexible Client Logins

Create a login for each parent or teacher. Assign multiple clients/students to a parent's login. Have multiple therapists treating one client? No problem, assign the client to both!


Ensure privacy and security with our versatile permissions system. With Blink Session, easily restrict or grant therapists/teachers access to specific functions, information, or clients.

HIPAA Compliant

Your online sessions and data are secure. Our software meets HIPPA requirements and if you need it, we will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with you. Additionally, Blink Session makes it easy to control access.

Waiting Room

When your clients join a session, we'll send you a notification and give you the ability to chat with them. Let them know if your in another session or will be late, and with one click, move to your next client.

Upload Client Files

Upload any file to a client/student's record , view them in a session, and share them with your clients. Stop emailing sensitive files, share them in Blink Session. Plus, clients can upload files to share with you.

No Software to Install

Computer, Tablet, & Mobile Compatible

Blink Session is 100% browser based with no software or plugins to install. Click to start a session, allow your browser to use your camera and mic and you are ready to go. Plus, use Blink Session on any computer with a mic and camera, tablet, or mobile phone (Android, Apple & Windows tablets (iPad 5th generation and higher or iPhone 5s or higher with iOS 11)

All in One Place: Interact, Share, Document

Interactive White Board

The custom-designed white board feature allows you to point, draw and type over any of your resources. Turn on/off client draw to allow them to interact with you. And the best feature: save and load saved white boards; up to 50 saved boards per client!

Beyond Screen Sharing

Sure, we offer screen sharing, and it's easy to use, but we wanted a better way for you to interact. Your entire personal resource catalog is stored in the cloud and resources are brought instantly into your sessions. Changing computers? No problem, all your resources will be waiting in your Blink account.

Simultaneous YouTube Viewing

Blink Session is the only platform with the ability to simultaneously view YouTube videos without the need to screen share. Save videos to your resource list ahead of time or add on the fly in a session. You, the therapist/teacher, control play, pause, and so on. Plus, score and save how well your client did watching/interacting with a video.

Document Camera

With Blink Session, you can even set your document camera (or simply an extra camera) as the background to the white board. And, when you use your document camera, your webcam video does not disappear. They can draw, point and type on top. Plus, your clients can use a document camera too.

Cloud Recording

Blink Session is one of the only platform which gives you the ability to record sessions to our cloud secure storage. Stop storing sensitive session recordings on your computer. Plus, share recordings to client's via their dashboard and review recordings during another session! Learn more about our HIPAA-Compliant Recording Feature Here.

Group Sessions

Blink Session provides the easiest way to setup and run a multi-client session, period.. Conduct group sessions with an unlimited number of clients, take notes for each, and so much more - check out the demo to see it in action!

In-Session Documentation

No need to switch between windows or use paper to keep up with your documentation. Blink Session increases your productivity with in-session documentation for your SOAP notes. Notes can also be viewed, edited and added outside of a session.

In-Session Doc Archive

How will you remember what you did with a student last time? With Blink Session every client note and resource score is available while you are in a session. Even if another therapist wrote the note, everything will be available to you with one click.

Scoring Module

No need for sticky notes, Blink Session allows you to score every resource you bring into a session. Scores can be saved and you can also add a note! Previous scores can be accessed with one click and by any therapists with access to the client/student.

Observe Therapists/Tutors

Training or evaluating a therapist in your organization? Blink Session is one of the only platforms that gives supervisors/managers the ability to join a session as an observer. The therapist is notified you have started observing and you can even text chat with them privately!

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