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What is the Blink Resource Catalog?

You are likely familiar with video conferencing, but did you know, in most telehealth applications providers need to do more than talk to patients? They must attempt to replicate some of what they would do in person. They need visuals, games, and other things to interact over.

At Blink, we are committed to making it easier for providers to treat online. A big part of this is the personal resource list available to each provider using the Blink Session Platform. Providers can add to their list by uploading their own resources, or taking from the Blink Resource Catalog. This is where you come in.

Blink Session's resource store gives creators of telehealth and teletherapy materials a place to sell. Our seller system gives you a place to sell without having to worry about copyright infringement and theft. Do you have digital resources for Online Speech, OT, PT, ABA, Counseling, or other Medical which your company created? We are looking for flash cards, game boards that can be loaded into our board builder, assessments, and other resources like PDFs and PowerPoint decks.

Current Resources for Sale

How Can I Sell?

You can sell two ways in Blink. First, if you have a Blink "Staff" account, simply upload your resources and go to the "Sell" section. Second, if you do not have a Blink Staff account, fill out the application below to receive a free seller account.

How Much do I Get?

First, with Blink you set the price for what you sell. There are options to set quantity pricing and bundle resources. You receive receive 80% of the price you list for. We send you a check at the end of each month for resources sold the previous month.

How Do I Apply?

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